Monday, January 3, 2011

Planos Para Hacer Un Buggy Gratis

2011, odyssey into oblivion

As this rapidly changing society, where everything seems to burn instantly to be replaced by something better, more beautiful, more quickly and efficiently. The beginning of the new year is an opportunity for an obituary for any product, invention or idea passed away. In the list are not only objects now relegated to the past, but also concepts which, overwhelmed by momentous changes, are disappearing even from the imagination of people.
The first funeral to be celebrated for the VHS and the cathode ray tube, able now to almost smile at the sight of the much more authoritative 3D BluRay or LEDs. The Washington Post wrote of his death in 2005: VHS and died at only 29 years old. Following are the standings of things obsolete travel agents, now swept away by the sites and applications to travelers digital solutions that offer far more extensive and original. In third place, the decline of the separation between work and private life, finally destroyed after years of thinning of an increasingly blurred border, accomplices multitasking and wireless connections. But in the black list can be found, even abstract concepts: An example is forgetting that in a network with a memory of an elephant that keeps a digital copy of every thought and every action of its users, simply no longer necessary to exist. The end of the right to forget is sanctioned by the authoritative New York Times last July with an article entitled "The Web Means the End of Forgetting (The web means the end of oblivion). The last ten years have also meant the slow death of libraries and their patrons, the bookworms. The year 2011 will be the end of the libraries 'bricks and mortar', obscured by Amazon and the like and dall'ebook? Even his wristwatch is destined to disappear, overtaken by cell phones, laptops, and gadgets to do all which offer a much more complete than just time stamp. A study of Beloit College students' habits of the upcoming generation ended a few months ago, the generation to come will no longer know cursive writing and do not know the clock, intended as a useful object. Survive watches special, luxury, able to give an added value compared to the simple practical guidance on time.
the black list is a place for the maps (pale in comparison to the online map and GPS), the yellow pages, encyclopedias, films, fax. Finally, thanks to the wireless LAN are now obsolete.
What is friendship will never die. All the World to fulfill this evolution.
Happy New Year.


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